What Makes a Great Online Teacher?

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What Makes a Great Online Teacher?

1. Resourceful: Finding and curating academic e-resources: a fluid curriculum that is ever adaptive using Open Internet Resources and aligning them with  CCCS

2.Creative: adapting content to new media of delivery: not just content delivery – we want to be dynamic and exciting: cultivate digital literacy/21st Century skills, publishing opportunities, portfolios, Web 2 and 3 tools

3.Dynamic: engaging students in what could be an impersonal environment: giving over the online space to student led research projects and presentations, so that online spaces become maker spaces

4. Warm and supportive: connecting with students who are spatially remote but may also be socially remote

5. Effective classroom management in an e-environment

6. Willing to share best practices with colleagues: learning from each other

For a more in-depth study of what makes a great online teacher read my article: What Makes a Great Online Teacher?


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