Pinterest: Create a Textbook by Anthologizing


Teacher as Curator:

  1. Anthologizing Supplemental Reading Assignments: Supplemental reading assignments for your course could be pinned on a board that is organized around a subject or theme.   I have culled a selection of non-fiction articles for my students to read and reflect on. One assignment is includes coupling a nonfiction article with this prompt: Write an essay in which you identify the thesis of the article, which considers author’s point of view and engage in dialogue with the author by responding to the central claim in some way. Base your evidence on the content included in the article, your own experiences and other articles and books you may have read on this topic.  I make this anthology available to my students via Pinterest.

Here is my English 4C Collection of Supplemental Non-fiction Articles:

Student as Curator: We all know that is significantly more consequential to put tech into the hands of our students. Oftentimes, teachers use these tools in lecture style delivery of content. Here are two ways to put a curation tool into the students’ hands:

  1. For research papers, I now require students to provide an e-bibliography via Pinterest board as well as a conventional MLA style bibliography page. This e-bibliography has values beyond merely culling sources as there is an aesthetic dimension to it as well. Students pin their external sources to the board. It allows me to evaluate their discriminating among sources of information for their research papers and to check for source of language and source of information plagiarism — for definitions of these types of plagiarism, see my book, Preventing Plagiarism: tips and Techniques, NCTE, 2007
  1. For Project-Based Learning where students collaborate and need to share sources of information on content within a group, I ask each group to create a shared annotated bibliography for the project. This helps with discriminating among sources (specifically via annotations on the Pinterest board) and with making materials accessible to all group members in one place.

Here is a collaborative Pinterest anthology on Kafka’s The Trial:


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