10 Poetry Prompts: paint an autumn canvas with words

College Writing

  1. Paint a portrait with poetry. Capture a person in formal setting (static image surrounded by symbols of person) or informal setting doing a mundane task (movement) or doing something they love or something obligatory.
  2. Write a poem with dark/light motif capturing an autumn dawn or twilight.
  3. Write a poem in which auditory and tactile images of autumn (cacophony of morning bird songs and like sticky ice cream fingers)  are the predominant images.
  4. Write a mimesis poem using Dickinson’s “I dreaded that first, Robin, so.”
  5. Write a dramatic poem drawing on fairytale, myth, or legend characterization and don the mask of that character.
  6. Write a blackout art poem working from a postcard: vintage or new
  7. Write an original poem about water and light in nature and then cull images for a second poem, a haiku, from the initial poem.
  8. Select 5 paintings from among Monet Water Lilies and write a haiku collage (5 haiku) — placement on the page and juxtaposing haiku are part of the process.
  9. Write a collaborative poem with one other student, alternating voices by culling from one original poem that is wholly complete.
  10. Write a poem that explores motion in people or objects.  See Cartier Bresson photo of man on bicycle.

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