Student as Disrupter: Launching Peer Academy

Students as Content Creators: Peer Academy

My colleague, Mike Padilla, and I are launching a Peer Academy Fall 2013 at West Milford High School in New Jersey.

What is a Peer Academy?  It is modeled on Khan Academy, but what it promotes (beyond what Khan Academy ‘s vision for flipped classroom model) is an invitation to students to be the creators of content.  Our student tutors will be teaching lessons in History, English, Art,  Music, Mathematics, Science for their peers in all grade levels (recorded lessons will be vetted by teachers but students will be content creators and content instructors). The lessons will be archived on our district’s website and will be accessible to students throughout the district.

We will use our TV Science Program (headed by Mr. Padilla) as the hub for development of videos and our TV Science students will be directing, editing and producing these video clips for Peer Academy.  Mr. Padilla and I will facilitate as we stand on the periphery of this hub,  but it will be the students  who will create and curate the videos.  Look for our launching in Fall 2013.  I will blog on our progress.

We know that Social Media is so popular with our students because that is where they connect.  We see students tutoring students as valuable to both the tutor and the tutee.  Beyond the flipped classroom is the flipped paradigm:  student as role model/mentor and content expert.


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