Evolving Identity

I started this blog post to share my ideas in Elbow’s free writing form on the topics of writing authentically in the online environment, research and discrimination among sources of information in the online environment, synchronous and asynchronous online learning, teacher as entrepreneur — among a few that occur to me at present. My topics are culled from my background:

I wrote a book, Preventing Plagiarism: tips and techniques, published in 2007 by the National Council of Teachers of English, on cultivating voice and vision in student writing in the age of cut and paste.

I founded an online education program, Innovations in Online Education, Inc  in 2008 to partner with school districts to connect state certified teachers with students in the virtual classroom — to supplement districts’ course catalogue, to provide instruction for homebound students, to offer summer remedial and advanced courses.

I served on the expert panel for CCCC on Online Writing Instruction — in 2011 — to generate best practices for writing instruction in the virtual environment.

I teach online composition and research writing for NYU’s SCPS and serve as a faculty observer of online writing instruction.

Looking forward to taking intellectual risks with you!


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